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Start-up diary for kids

My start-up diary for kids


Who said that children or teens cannot undertake? Facilitated by new technologies, the opportunity to become an entrepreneur is within everyone's reach, from childhood onwards.


Your start-up diary is structured around the following themes:

  • The qualities of the entrepreneur,
  • Setting and achieving your goals,
  • Selling products or services,
  • Recognizing opportunities,
  • Finding your idea,
  • Making connections,
  • Developing your strategy,
  • Calculating your costs,
  • Investing,
  • Financing, leverage and passive income,
  • Determining your selling price,
  • Calculating your profit and make it grow,
  • Forecasting your sales and your needs,
  • Competition and differentiation,
  • Promoting, communicating and networking,
  • Your business plan, your pitch,
  • Hanging on and bouncing back.


A lexicon is available at the end of the book.


Paperback and harcover versions of this ebook are available on, and

  • Ebook

    100 pages to print in black & white or in colors.

    The paper version of this ebook is available on, and

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