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Social skills and emotions diary for kids and teens

My social skills and emotions diary


Navigating the complex world of social interactions has never been easier for kids and teens with "My Social Skills and Emotions Diary". This guide offers a comprehensive roadmap for developing essential life skills such as:


😊 Keeping emotions in check: Learn to recognize, understand, express and handle your emotions, from anger to sadness, shame or jealousy, in a healthy and constructive way.

🔥 Boosting self-confidence: Develop your self-confidence, face your fears and take on challenges, thanks to practical exercises and concrete advice.

🤝 Getting connected with confidence: Discover how to make friends, start conversations and resolve conflicts with grace and empathy.

💪 Building resilience: Develop the resilience needed to stand up to bullies, handle rejection and bounce back from setbacks.

🌟 Communicating effectively: Improve the way you communicate by actively listening and expressing yourself effectively.


With realistic scenarios, concrete strategies and expert advice, this diary empowers young readers with the tools they need to thrive at school, at home, online and in all the social scenarios life throws at them.

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    Also available in hardcover on Amazon.

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