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Self-confidence diary for girls

My self-confidence diary for girls


Too many girls lack self-confidence and find it difficult to thrive as women. This self-confidence diary for girls aged 8 to 12 gives them the keys to know themselves better, set their own goals, love themselves as they are and fight their fears.


Full of advice, quotes and introspective questionnaires, this guide will lead girls on the path to their true personality and is structured around the following topics:


  • You: getting to know and accept you better.
  • Your goals: knowing what you want and how to plan to get it.
  • Your successes: recognizing what you've already accomplished, being grateful.
  • Risks: identifying the risks that are worth taking and finding the courage to take them.
  • Enemies: knowing the enemies of self-confidence such as fears, negative thoughts, perfectionism, prejudice about girls, harassment, image pressure and how to deal with them.
  • Friends: identifying true friends, communicate calmly.


The paper version of this ebook is also available on, and

  • Information

    100 pages to print in colors or black & white.

    The paper version of this ebook is also available on, and

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