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Couverture livre Mon journal pour entreprendre pour enfants

My journal for entrepreneurship

SKU: ENT2022

Who says kids and teens can't get started?

Facilitated by new technologies, the opportunity to become an entrepreneur is available to everyone, from childhood.

Your journal is structured around the following themes:

- The qualities of the entrepreneur
- Set yourself and achieve your goals
- Sell products or services
- Recognize opportunities
- Find your idea
- Make connections
- Develop your strategy
- Calculate your costs
- Invest
- Funding, leverage and passive income
- Determine your selling price
- Calculate your profit and make it grow
- Plan your sales and your needs
- Competition and differentiation
- Promote, communicate, network
- Your business plan, your pitch
- Hang on and bounce

A lexicon showing the words in italics is available at the end of the book.


    Livre numérique de 100 pages à imprimer en couleur ou en noir et blanc.

    Cet ebook est également disponible en version papier sur Amazon et sur Mon Beau Livre.

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