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Couverture livre confiance en moi pour les filles

My Confidence Diary - Girl


Too many girls lack self-confidence and find it difficult to thrive once they become adults. This journal for girls aged 8 to 12 gives them the keys to getting to know themselves better, setting goals, loving themselves as they are and fighting their fears in order to improve their self-esteem.

Rich in many pages of advice, quotes and introspective questionnaires, this guide will accompany girls on the path of their true personality, of self-confidence and is structured around the following themes:

  • You : know yourself better and accept you.
  • Your goals : to know what you want and how to plan to get it.
  • Your successes : recognize what you have already accomplished, be grateful.
  • Risks : Identify the risks that are worth taking and find the courage to take them.
  • The enemies : know the enemies of self-confidence which are our fears, negative thoughts, perfectionism, prejudices about girls, harassment, image pressure and how to tame them.
  • Friends : identify real friends, communicate calmly.

This ebook can be supplemented by purchasing My Anxiety Journal where the topic of negative thoughts (enemies) is extensively developed.


    125 pages à imprimer en couleur ou en noir et blanc.

    Cet ebook est également disponible en version papier sur Amazon, sur Bookelis et sur Mon Beau Livre.

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