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Journal contre l'anxiété pour enfant

My journal against anxiety

SKU: ANX2021

This journal for anxious children aged 8 to 13 gives them the keys to better manage their stress and their fears.

Rich in many pages of advice, exercises, quotes and introspective questionnaires, this personal development guide will accompany anxious children on the path of calm and serenity and is structured around the following themes:

  • What is anxiety? How does it manifest itself?
  • How to analyze the causes of anxiety?
  • How to block negative thoughts using simple, illustrated breathing, visualization, yoga, mindfulness exercises.
  • How to develop positive thoughts and recognition.
  • How to develop healthy habits and routines to limit stress.
  • How to counter negative thoughts by learning to respond to them.

These negative thoughts are:

  1. "I can not"
  2. "I should ..." or "you should ..."
  3. "It's my fault." or "it's his fault."
  4. "It is not fair."
  5. Catastrophism,
  6. Negative exaggeration,
  7. Believe that you read minds,
  8. Believe that you can guess the future,
  9. All or nothing.

Throughout the pages, anxious children will discover that they can control their anxiety and that they are now the masters of the game.

This book can be supplemented with the purchase of My Self-Confidence Journal .


    Livre numérique 100 pages à imprimer en couleur ou en noir et blanc.

    Cet ebook est également disponible en version papier sur Amazon et sur Mon Beau Livre.

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